Friday Funnies

Hi everybody! I’m here today because I love to laugh! 😀 Isn’t it just the greatest when you see or hear something and then start letting out these maniacally happy screeches? (By the way, I don’t have some tinkling bell laugh, like Snow White. I start snorting and crying really loud-it’s pretty great). Anyway, these are some things that I think are hilarious. I hope you enjoy my fabulously dumb sense of humor!

1. Troy Bolton in Scream!

Okay, this one is just a classic. I absolutely LOVE all things High School Musical, and so if we’re in a conversation and I start singing some song at the top of my lungs, that’s what it is. I’ve seen the movies way too many times to count, endlessly annoying my brother 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love Troy Bolton, but in his big-dramatic-emotional-epic-solo-type things (like Scream and Bet On It), it’s too much for me to handle. The Troy-ness of this song just makes me love him even more. The dancing, the facial expressions, the drama…it gets me every time. I hope you enjoy!

2. Oh Snape

A series of sketches by Studio C in which Snape and Voldemort are best friends with a vlog? YES, YES, and YES! They’re short, clean, and absolutely hilarious for all you Harry Potter fans. It’s jam-packed with Harry Potter references, and is super fun and creative! I’ve watched them all too many times. 😀  WARNING: IT CONTAINS SPOILERS!

3. Jokes

I think you all knew this was coming. I love bad puns, obvious jokes, and absolutely everything in-between. Maybe you’ll think these are funny, or maybe you’ll just roll your eyes. Either way, I love them!

  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Barbie. Barbie who? Barbie-Q!
  • What did one pickle say to the other after it dropped to the floor? Dill with it.
  • Why did the seagull fly over the sea? Because if it flew over the bay, it would be a bay-gull (Ha! Bagel! Get it?)
  • Why was the cucumber so traumatized after becoming a pickle? It was a jarring experience.
  • What do you say to a rabbit on its birthday? Hoppy birthday!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments? What’s your sense of humor like? Did you ever watch these?


My Dream Bedroom

Hello! If I had the chance to design my own bedroom, what would I include? Here are a couple things that I know I would want!

  1. Open space!

My first requirement is that it can’t be cramped! I’m not saying that my bedroom would have to be huge, just that I would have a space open enough to where I could do what I wanted. I wouldn’t want to squeeze around huge furniture every time I’m trying to cross the room.

2. Library Shelf!

It would be so cool to have a bookshelf in my room! Or lots of bookshelves… Easily accessible, perfectly lined up books? I’m drooling.

3. Big closet








Next up, of course, is a walk in closet! I could walk in, be able to see all my clothes, and just admire how everything is so organized…for now. But it would definitely have lots of space for shoes!